Thursday, April 26, 2007

Printing to Canon in Edubuntu

Well, it appears I was a bit mistaken to bellyache yesterday about the difficulty of installing the driver for the Canon 5000 print station we have. The BrightQ program I installed worked just fine, and in fact was quite easy to use if lacking a bit as far as UI appeal. In fact, it turns out I had everything right yesterday except for one thing, the user ID for the printer. Obviously our school tracks all the printing jobs that each teacher does by assigning each teacher a specific user id. On Windows machines a prompt pops up after each print job is sent asking the user to input their ID. I guess BrightQ just requires that this ID number be input when setting up the printer. I actually suspected as much yesterday but decided to chance it, failing of course. So today I just uninstalled the printer and then reinstalled it with my User ID as the only change. Fired right up! I was even able to set up the printer in the teacher work room too. I was riding high all afternoon following this victory. If I hadn't been able to work this out it would have been a definite deal breaker as far as setting up Linux at the school. Now I feel like I'm back on track. -joe

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