Monday, April 30, 2007

Google Academy!

So I promise to post some pictures and even video of the Bjork concert (amazing of course) here soon. In the meantime though I thought I'd take the time to announce my acceptance into the Google Teacher Academy for Southern California. SWEET! I've been really excited about Google for Educators and the services they provide, even going so far as to sign up my school for 500 email addresses earlier this year when we thought our original e-mail provider was on the fritz. I still have plans to move our site over to Google this summer, but since our provider seemed to fix itself over winter break we decided that switching horses midstream was an unnecessarily risky proposition.

Needless to say I'm ecstatic about the opportunity to participate in a Google-centered community of educators and can't wait to spend my entire Saturday driving up to LA and learning cool stuff (ok, maybe I could do without the LA part). I'll be sure to post what I learn here as soon as possible, which should be about a month from now. Cheers -joe

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