Friday, March 15, 2013

Microsoft. Still sucky after all these years.

I've got a few minutes on my hand because I'm waiting for Office 2013 to finish installing. My wife got a deal from work for it for $10 and that seemed like a fair deal. Of course, it's been installing for about 30 minutes now, so maybe I paid a bit too much. In any case, that's only the most recent of my issues this evening, as I've spent the better part of the last 3 hours setting up a new Asus VivoBook x202e for my wife's new business venture. It's been a while since I got a new computer and had to install updates (4 of them from Asus tonight, each one critical, each one requiring a restart), uninstall unwanted apps (innumerable Asus apps I'm afraid to remove and McAfee which is utterly unnecessary with Windows 8 I understand), install apps (30 mins and counting for Office), and install updates again (Windows itself has upwards of 80 waiting for me after Office wraps up). Ugh. Will Microsoft ever figure this out, or is it utterly unsolvable at this point? I'm honestly not sure, but what I am sure about, and what nearly every other American is sure about at this point, is that this process is unnecessary (or at least much faster) on iPads and Android tablets, and Chromebooks for sure. It's probably even unnecessary on Windows 8 phones, although I've no experience with them. No wonder PCs are dying and Windows 8 sales are in the dumps. This is a terrible way to greet a new customer, and tarnishes the feeling of excitement at getting a new device at a cost of several hundred dollars. Until this issue is resolved, I can't see how Microsoft gains back any lost ground. We'll see how the wife feels after a few days with the thing I guess.

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