Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Letter From Tim about SCaLE 2007

So I've got no shortage of things in Edubuntu Gutsy to complain about but these same things have been keeping me pretty busy so in the meantime I'll just pass along some promotional information about the Southern California Linux Expo in Los Angeles next weekend. I'm actually presenting my slides ( again at this event and I'll be sure to not only take my own pictures but also have someone else photograph me on stage this time. I'm sure the one person who comes to listen won't mind. ;^)

"Learn about Free Open Source Software you can use in your school during a
Friday conference this February 8th, 2008 at the LAX Westin Hotel.

This isn't a software sales pitch – the Southern California Linux Expo (a
non-profit, all volunteer organization) is holding their 6th annual Open
Source Software Expo – and this year, we've added a speaker track for

What is Open Source Software (OSS)? It is software that is developed
collaboratively, then donated and made available for use at no charge.
This isn't “shareware” or “demo-ware”. OSS is full-featured software,
used by leading companies like IBM, Google and Yahoo. OSS is used around
the world, in government, business, and schools. You are free to use,
share and change any OSS program at no cost.

No more tracking licenses, fighting different versions or coping with
software budget constraints. As an added benefit, many OSS programs work
on Linux, Windows and Mac. With Linux and Open Source Software, you can
put together computer labs, or 1 to 1 computing at a much lower cost than
with traditional Mac and Windows solutions.

OSS is a worldwide effort, but the Expo brings it to Los Angeles. Our OSS
in Education track focuses on programs appropriate for schools.

The Friday speaker track is only $10 for the full day. If you prefer,
admission to all three days – which includes Friday's education
presentations, 40 weekend presentations, the “Try It Lab”, and 60+ booths
in the exhibit hall is only $70. Registration for teachers and students
(with ID) is 50% off.

To register, visit To receive the
50% discount teachers should enter “EDU08” in the promo code field.
Students should use promo code “STDNT”.

The OSS in Education speaker track on Friday the 8th starts with
registration at 8am, followed by:
* Introduction to Open Source Software for Education (9-10 am)
* Linux in Early Education (10-11 am)
* Computer programming concepts for Science, Math and Technology (11-12)
* Mind mapping with FreeMind (1-2 pm)
* MiniLANs and thin clients with LTSP and Edubutu (2-3 pm)
* Network Directory Services (4-5 pm)
* Creating Publications (5-6 pm)

To learn more about each presentation, please visit:

Want to do more than just sit in a lecture? This year the Expo introduces
our “Try It Lab” on Saturday and Sunday. In the lab, you'll participate
in hands-on sessions where you can learn about OSS first-hand. Volunteer
instructors will guide you as you learn by using leading OSS programs
comparable to well-known Windows and Mac software. In the lab, we will
have a variety of computers and thin-clients, so you can see the many
options you have with OSS.

Lab topics will include:
* Open Office – the OSS alternative to Microsoft Office
* GNU Image Manipulation Program – the power of Photoshop, without the cost
* Inkscape – a powerful drawing tool like Adobe Illustrator
* Joomla! - a flexible web publishing tool for dynamic web sites
* Linux – desktop software replacing Windows and Mac OS-X
* Thin Client Computing – learn how to dramatically reduce PC costs and

For more information about the Southern California Linux Expo, visit our

Cheers! -joe

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