Wednesday, May 30, 2007


So after several months of waiting whether I would get my job back (except this time as a full time position) I was called in to a budget meeting and told that enough funds had been set aside for me to have my job back! Sweet! Apparently I'll be funded at 85% by the elementary school and 15% by the middle school. I guess if everything goes according to plan I will be teaching every grade from K-8 next year. What an opportunity! I'm so excited (and relieved) to know that I'll be coming back next year. I have so many plans for the school it is really going to be a fun summer and school year trying to implement all of them. First off of course is the switch to edubuntu mini-labs in all the classrooms and then the switch to Google Apps for Education. But I also got an pleasant surprise when I was told there were sufficient funds for me to purchase an LTSP server for the lab as well! Great news all around! Hope everyone had as great a Memorial Day weekend as I did. Cheers -joe

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